Vanessa Barros

Chief Operating Officer
Tel: +55 13 99716 1554
Skype: vbarros34
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Vera Lucia Silveira

Administration and Customer Services
Tel: +55 2199611 5921
Skype: veralucia_silveira
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Ellen van Houdt

European Sales
Tel: +31 612857247
Skype: ellenvanhoudt
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Juan Pablo Chinchilla

Global Technical Services
Tel: +506 8826 5514
Skype: juan.pablo.chinchilla
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Shishir Pandey

Asia Operations

Tel: +91 020-6799-4020 Ext.259
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CMC’s Management Principles

CMC brings fundamental change to logistics and cost control by delivering services in line with 5 key management principles



Traditional in-house M&R departments are a fixed cost regardless of activity levels. By outsourcing to CMC, customers can move to a variable cost model, allowing build-up and build-down flexibility in a high-service on demand environment.



An in-house M&R department is often limited by incomplete analysis of where, when and how costs are incurred and allocated. CMC’s services provides classification of every dollar of cost and identifies the tools needed to implement cost improvements in rapidly-changing transportation supply chains.


Service Quality

Customers typically only have access to their own data and lack the ability to perform industry benchmarking. CMC’s unique database of comparative cost and service performance statistics, derived from a broad customer base, allow customers to set targets for service quality on a global or regional basis.



In house M&R departments using by a mix of in-house and third-party contractors have difficulty maintaining a single inspection criterion and M&R standards around the world. CMC technical representatives are all trained to perform services using standard methodologies and criteria in every part of the world.



Key to CMC management style is a collaborative approach, working with customers and vendors to control cost, maximize equipment throughput, maintaining repair quality and preserving asset ROI.